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Wire Frame

Using wire frame to structure the style of what I want a web page to look like can be very easy and fun. make it very simple to use an creative way.

Professional Portfolio

When it come to the web business, it’s better to show your work for you benefit. Here are my top 5 reason.

  1.  First Impression: That can build your business because clients want to know how you can help them. They impression of you don’t just set you apart from others but it will help you get the best client that love what you do.
  2. Talent: Your talent is the key of success that must build on what you know and work to improve it daily. It’s an extension and evidence of what you can do for your client. In order to get your client notice be sure to incorporate the skills you have that are required.
  3. Personal Brand Identity: Creating you own style is very important to show client’s what you are able to do. Something that stand-out with a unique look and attitude, they want to hire applicants with a “can do” attitude, who are flexible, dedicated and who are willing to contribute extra, if necessary, to get the job done.
  4. Leadership: Leadership is a valuable skill to bring to the employer. As a leader, you have to make a number of decisions that do not have a clear answer, therefore need to be able to think outside of the box. Communication, motivation, delegation, and positivity must show at all time in your work.
  5. Organization: With out organization, nothing is possible! keep your profile up to par by putting your best work up front. You will be able to present your best work more effectively when you are prepare and organize.

Work mind set:

Knowing how to find a job and where to look is just as important  as your safety at the job. Here are two video that will give you some ideas on how to find jobs and give you knowledge  about the procedures on safety.

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